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Creative Commercial Solutions provides this web site for informational purposes only.  This web site does NOT contain legal advice.  The web site user acknowledges that the sending or receiving of any information contained on this website does NOT create NOR constitute an attorney-client relationship. 

Please note that any e-mail inquiries made regarding scheduling a Mediation are not protected confidential communications. You do not receive the benefit of the attorney-client privilege, or of confidentiality because you are sending an email to our mediation firm.

Privilege and confidentiality, as provided by applicable law, will only attach when our services are retained as mediator by you as a prospective client.  Before this relationship can be established, we must be provided the identity of any and all parties in the matter to check for potential conflicts and ensure we remain neutral.  Prior to accepting appointment as a neutral, we will confirm that Creative Commercial Solutions, Inc. or the mediator handling the case, does not have any conflict of interest that would prevent us from serving as a neutral. 

Therefore, please do not disclose any non-public, confidential  information in your initial email inquiry.  Please only provide a general description of the matter as you understand it and how you would like us to contact you.  We will then contact you to obtain the information needed to confirm our ability to serve as a neutral.  If the parties agree to proceed with Creative Commercial Solutions serving as mediator/neutral, a written Mediation Agreement setting forth the terms of the mediation, fees and policies must be executed by the parties and their counsel.

Newsletter subscribers and on line readers should not act upon any information on this  website without seeking professional counsel. The materials on this website may not be current and do not provide legal advice.

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Information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended as legal advice.

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