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Fees & Retainer:
The minimum retainer for a two party mediation is $600 per party which is due prior to initiation of the mediation process.  Please contact us for a quote on multi-party cases.  Our Mediation Procedure and Fee Agreement (click here for copy) must be signed by all parties to the dispute and their respective counsel.

Due to the inability to schedule mediations on short notice, any cancellation or rescheduling of a scheduled mediation session less than 14 calendar days prior to the scheduled dated will be billed $300 which shall be deducted from the retainer.  Cancellations made less than 7 calendar days in advance will be billed in full for the reserved period which shall be deducted from the retainer.

Mediation sessions are scheduled for minimum periods of 4 hours or a full day.  The initial fee for a half-day mediation session for a two party matter is $600 per party ($1,200 total).  The initial fee for a full day mediation session for a two party matter is $1,400 per party ($2,800 total).  

The initial fees include all case scheduling, administrative time, file preparation, and review time for the basic pleadings (complaint, answer, counterclaims, etc.) Mediation Summaries from each party (four page maximum please).  Additional time for mediation preparation for complex or document intensive cases, preparation of documents, agreements and memorandum of understanding, conferences and review of substantial documentation is billed at $250 per hour, to be split evenly by the parties.  Conferences are billed at two hour minimum increments.  Travel expenses are billed for mediations or conferences requiring mediator to travel more than 100 miles will be billed at $100 per hour, plus actual costs (airline, hotel, taxi, parking, meals, etc.) and will be paid equally by the parties.

All Fees and expenses are split equally between the parties, unless the parties have made arrangements which must be provided to us in writing.


Although mediation if voluntary, we request that all parties, their counsel, and anyone with required settlement authority attend all mediation sessions and schedule their time to ensure availability for the duration of the scheduled time.  All parties must agree if any party, counsel or person with settlement authority is absent from the session.  If the parties do not reach an agreement at the conclusion of the scheduled session, additional time may be scheduled.  Please see our Guaranty.  If any party refuses to participate in the mediation process or withdraw from the process before the expiration of the scheduled time, we request that the party first discuss their decision not to continue with mediation in person with the other participants and the mediator.

Confidentiality.  You can download or print our Confidentiality Agreement by clicking here.  All participants and their counsel must read, agree to and sign the Confidentiality Agreement prior to commencement of the mediation session.  Our document retention policy is that at conclusion of the mediation, all notes and documents in our possession will be destroyed, except for administrative records. 

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